Competitive Advantages

The Wespanel panel system provides a clear competitive advantage, since mastering the construction system, from the knowledge of raw materials, the manufacture of semi-finished products and the final product, gives the company enormous strength when it comes to providing construction solutions to clients' projects. Our know-how ranges from the design and technical development to the manufacture and assembly of the houses on the client's plots.

WES has the professional experience of its workers, with many homes already behind them, and accustomed to developing their technical capacities to innovate and solve construction problems and the challenges it faces when developing customized projects.

Adapting the designs of the architects to the industrial plans necessary for the manufacture of the panels that make up each house is a capacity that not all have. This allows us to address all kinds of designs and give them a satisfactory constructive response.
Ventajas Competitivas


Knowledge of the market: suppliers, qualified partners and competitors, allow us to take advantage of the opportunities to better reach end customers.


Do you want to wait more than a year to have your house? No, right? WES homes have a very important advantage, and that is that they can be ready in half the time of a conventional house. The production processes in our factory are much faster than traditional construction with bricks, cement, etc. If the terrain and design are prepared, we can manufacture and assemble a home in 4 months.

Quality control

Another great advantage of WES homes is that, being made in a factory, the production controls are much more exhaustive than those that are followed in a conventional construction site. The panels (the walls, floors and ceilings) are subjected to internal quality controls that will not occur in the laying of bricks in a conventional construction site.
Ventajas WES

Custom design

At WES we are at your service. We put at your disposal our technical team to help you design the house of your dreams, and if you already have a trusted architect, we are at your service to get you to have the house you really want. To make it even easier we have preselected several finishes, tiles, taps, bathrooms, kitchens, etc., always top brands, but you have the last word, if you want to choose others we adapt to your wishes. It is your house, it is your dream, we make it come true.

Custom budget

There is one thing in which we have no competition, designing the best possible house tailored to your budget. We build your house taking into account your budget, with the highest quality and without surprises. We adapt to you, not you to us, so you don't have to worry about spending more than you had in mind.

Fixed price

With WES you will not have surprises, you will pay what you have approved in the budgets that we will always present you, and what we have agreed in the contract, nothing more. Everything controlled from the start, no surprises.

Our homes are delivered with kitchen and bathrooms equipped to your liking

Characteristics of the WES homes

Ecological insulators that improve the quality and energy savings of your home


WES homes are high energy efficiency and high durability and resistance industrialized homes, custom designed for each client applying the WES industrialized panel technology.

The materials used in the manufacture of the WES homes are of high quality, which is reflected in the high performance of resistance to fire and humidity, as well as their extraordinary behavior against heat transmittance, allowing us to manufacture almost zero energy consumption houses at very competitive prices.

The incorporation of new ecological insulating materials to our range of panels, such as cork, cellulose or wood fiber, not only reduces the carbon footprint of our constructions, but also improves the results of heat and sound transmittance, as they are excellent insulators.

This characteristic of our panels makes it easier to reach the efficiency standards of the Passivhaus seal, which makes us a particularly interesting company for those who want to enjoy homes with these characteristics.
Características de las viviendas WES



The WES homes comply with the provisions of the basic health document of the technical building code and the different local regulations corresponding to each home, in such a way that acceptable conditions of health and tightness are reached in the interior environment of the building and that it does not deteriorate the environment in its immediate surroundings, guaranteeing proper management of all kinds of waste.

The whole building has means that prevent the presence of water or inadequate humidity from atmospheric precipitation, the ground or condensation, preventing its penetration or, where appropriate, allowing its evacuation without causing damage.

It also has adequate means to supply the expected hygienic equipment with water suitable for consumption in a sustainable way, providing sufficient flow rates for its operation, without altering the properties of suitability for consumption and preventing possible returns that may contaminate the network, incorporating means that allow the saving and control of water and adequate means to extract the wastewater generated independently with atmospheric precipitation.

WES, homes for a lifetime



Our homes are structurally designed in accordance with Eurocode 5 (UNE-EN 1995-1-2: 2016) as well as the CTE's basic structural safety document, to ensure that the building has adequate structural behavior against foreseeable actions and influences to which it may be subjected during its construction and intended use, so that damages that originate or affect the foundations, beams, pillars, slabs, walls or other elements do not occur in them or in any of their structural parts that directly compromise the mechanical resistance, the stability of the building or that produce inadmissible deformations.


WES homes comply with the provisions of the CTE's basic fire safety document, to reduce to acceptable limits the risk of building users suffering damage from a fire of accidental origin, ensuring that the occupants can evacuate the building in safe conditions, the extension of the fire within the building itself and surrounding buildings can be limited and the action of the extinguishing and rescue teams is allowed.


The design of the spaces is carried out in accordance with what is established in the basic document on access security and use of the CTE, in relation to the configuration of the spaces, the fixed and mobile elements are installed in the building, in such a way that it can be used for its intended purposes, reducing the risk of accidents for users to acceptable limits.
Seguridad WES
Confort y salud


An industrialized home provides very good benefits superior to conventional homes, as they are technologically more advanced to provide greater comfort to its occupants.

This comfort is reflected in the following characteristics:

-Thermal comfort. WES homes offer greater thermal insulation in summer and winter, so they are more comfortable and help save energy, and with it, money.

-Acoustic comfort. WES homes have better acoustic insulation, avoiding external noises from the street and providing a better environment within our homes.

-Ventilation. Less dust and pollen. The quality of the insulation allows to keep the house closed, which together with a correct ventilation with aerothermal systems and heat recovery energy allows the air to be filtered and remain free of dust and pollen. Maintaining indoor air quality, and a healthy humidity is easy in a WES home.

-Illumination. The correct study of the positioning of the house and the necessary windows means that the WES houses have the necessary light in all rooms to guarantee good visual health and save electricity.

The level of insulation is adjustable, so that each client chooses the degree of comfort they want for their home, since the panels can have different layers that improve the performance of the home, being able to reach a degree of isolation and passive home comfort, that is, houses with almost zero energy consumption.

WES homes can be adapted to the Passivhaus seal, if customers so wish, as WES panels and systems offer solutions for this.

Natural materials that take care of your health and improve the comfort of the home


In our homes the provisions of the CTE's basic noise protection document are taken into account, in such a way that perceived or emitted noise does not endanger people's health and allows them to satisfactorily carry out their activities.

Our panels are based on the mass spring system to mitigate sound transmission. The combination of wood and sound-absorbing materials used in its construction allow the configuration of acoustically isolated spaces at the same time as with reduced reverberation.


The health of the inhabitants of a WES home is protected by two parameters, the tightness and insulation of its structures, walls and carpentry, as well as the use of heat recovery and filter equipment and ventilation control.

The equipment allows to control the temperature and quality of the air that is breathed in our homes, which is especially recommended for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

In this way, energy efficiency also obtains this direct health benefit, since the air that enters the house is filtered, avoiding pollen and dust.
Protección frente al ruido
La madera, el material del futuro


The WES homes are built in accordance with the provisions of the CTE's basic energy saving document, in such a way that a rational use of the necessary energy for the adequate use of the building is achieved.

The house has an adequate envelope to limit the energy demand necessary to achieve thermal well-being depending on the climate, the intended use and the summer and winter regime. The characteristics of insulation and inertia, permeability to air and exposure to solar radiation, allow the reduction of the risk of the appearance of surface and interstitial condensation humidity that may harm the characteristics of the envelope. The treatment of thermal bridges is especially taken into account to limit heat losses or gains and to avoid hygrothermal problems in them.

The homes have adequate lighting installations to meet the needs of its users which are, at the same time, energy efficient. The demand for domestic hot water can be covered in part through the incorporation of a collection, storage and use of low-temperature solar energy system, depending on the global solar radiation of your site and the hot water demand of the building.


There is a tendency to think of wood as a material with an expiration date, and without the capacity to compete with its alternatives, concrete and steel. Although it is true that the latter have allowed architects and engineers to develop large-scale works and infrastructures, wood today, thanks to the optimization of its production and the enhancement of its capabilities, is, without a doubt, the best option for medium-sized works.

In the last decades the consumer has established the vision that concrete and steel are the only way to build, mainly influenced by architectural fashion and high buildings.

However, recently, driven by prefabrication, the improvement of construction techniques and optimization of resources, wood is experiencing a rebirth in the construction industry. And not only for these reasons, wood also has a number of advantages:

  • It is a renewable material and its exploitation is very less polluting than any other material used in the construction industry.
  • It is a light and resistant material. This contributes to structural solutions with less material per unit area. That is, if we compare a structure of concrete with another of wood: for the same resistance the wood will use much less material.
  • It is a thermally insulating and acoustically absorbent material.
  • BIt is well protected from humidity and biotic agents, it can achieve a lifespan of hundreds of years.

Homes equipped to the last detail for your well-being

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