The layout is also tailor-made, we make it to your liking and we will guide you to help you improve your home.
1What is the delivery time?
Our usual delivery time is 4 to 5 months from the signing of the contract if you have the necessary permits and the foundation is prepared.
2Are they tailor-made?
Totally. You choose the surface, the shape and the different interior and exterior details. However, our technical team is here to help and advise you.
3Can I modify the layout?
The layout is also tailor-made, we make it to your liking and we will guide you to help you improve your home

WES builds custom models combining modules. Modifications can be made as long as the external measurements of our modules are respected. Any modification that the client wants to introduce is studied and valued. Modifications will be accepted up to 90 days before the delivery date signed in the performance contract.

In the standard models some variations can be made in their interior layout.

On the other hand, we have several standard interior and exterior finishes with different options within the same price.

In this way the client can customize their home.

We have a standard quality that we call PLUS, and two higher ones that we call PREMIUM and PREMIUM LUXURY. In addition to these three qualities of materials preselected by WES, other materials selected by the customer can be incorporated. In these cases, the price difference with respect to the standard would be calculated.
4What standard equipment do WES homes have?
All our houses are equipped with water and electricity facilities, kitchen furniture, a sink with a tap and complete bathrooms. The kitchen appliances included as standard are the induction hob and the extractor hood.
5Are the houses well insulated?
WES panels provide insulation far above conventional work, achieving A / A + / A ++ ratings, both in walls, floors and ceiling, being able to reach Passivhaus standards.
6What type of heating can be installed?
Any heating and air conditioning system can be installed, as well as fireplaces, underfloor heating, etc.
7How long do these homes last?
Structurally they last longer than a traditional construction home. The traditional construction house has a very heavy structure. All the weight falls on the foundation and load-bearing pillars. Over the years they weaken, and if it is not maintained it tends to collapse.

Our lightweight frame construction type has minimal structural weight. All the vertical walls function as a load-bearing wall, so the structure can hardly collapse. A clear example is that the vibrations of transport from the factory to the final destination, designated by the client, would be equivalent to a high intensity earthquake, with no alteration in the home.
8Are they fire resistant?
Flame retardant materials are used in the manufacture, both outside and inside.
9Can they resist the wind?
Due to its weight, it is materially impossible for the wind to move it. By way of illustration, during transport, the houses withstand winds both due to the speed of the truck and the wind itself, and they never suffer any alteration.


1What guarantee does a WES industrialized home have?
We offer a 10-year guarantee on structure, 1 year on finishings.
2Does the company provide after-sales service?
WES has a wide range of professionals to provide after-sales services to our clients, as well as spare parts.
3How long does an industrialized house last?
Like a brick house, there are no differences for the lifespan of the houses, which are as solid and robust as conventional ones.


1How long does the assembly take?
It depends on whether the house is modular or on-site. If your WES home is modular, assembly can take between two and seven days, depending on the size and access conditions of the assembly machinery, such as cranes when needed.

In the event that the assembly is on-site, the house would be completed in three months at the most.
2Can they be relocated once installed?
Modular industrialized houses can be disassembled, loaded onto trucks and transported to another location to be reassembled, stored or sold, although these operations must be carried out by professional workers accustomed to assembling industrialized houses.


1¿Requisitos previos?
It is recommended to install industrialized homes on a concrete foundation. Said foundation and the floor of the house form a chamber or sanitary slab through which the water, electricity and sanitation connections are made.

The house is installed on the slab and later the connections of the electrical and water intakes and the drains are made. WES takes care of the entire installation and the slab, although the customer can do it on their own if they prefer.
2Can it be assembled in all of Spain?
We can install WES homes throughout the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, as they are transported in trucks and these can travel by ferries to the Balearic Islands. In special projects, they can be designed and transported in containers to any part of the world.


1How can I get the prices?
The prices of our homes are the result of the design and furnishings of the home that each client chooses, so it is necessary to request a quote. Each home has dimensions and requirements that make it unique. Request an appointment to develop your budget at: info@wespanel.com
2What are the payment terms?
We usually ask for a 5% down payment at the signing of the contract, four months before starting the manufacturing work we ask for 25% of the total we need to be able to start manufacturing, and the rest is paid with certifications of work according to the degree of advancement of housing. However, the payment conditions are adjusted to the possibilities of the clients and the needs of the execution of the works.
3What does the price include?
The budget includes all the items that make up the total price, all the works and services we provide. The contracted services are decided by the client, since there is the option that we do only the industrialized structures or the complete turnkey house. The price will include everything that has been collected and approved in the budget signed by the client.
4Can these houses be financed?
Manufactured homes can be mortgaged in the same way as a conventional home, as long as it is located on urban land, and has the necessary municipal licenses. If not, you can use a personal loan.

Real estate: Mortgage. You can get a mortgage on the land plus industrialized housing. It will be necessary to carry out an appraisal, both of the land and of the modular home, prior to the granting of the mortgage. It will be necessary to have previously carried out a basic project and work execution project, as well as to have obtained the corresponding municipal license.

Typically, the amount of the mortgage amounts to 80% of the appraised value of the land plus the home.
5Particular requirements to receive financing:
The client must demonstrate sufficient payment capacity, that is, that the sum of their current monthly payments for other financing already obtained, plus the monthly payment resulting from the new mortgage operation, does not exceed 40% of their monthly income.

The client must not appear in any record of unpaid payments. The financial institution will mark the criteria for the need for seniority in the payroll, the need for guarantees and others.

The conditions regarding interest rates, commissions, terms and expenses, will be established by the financial entities, based on their own criteria.


1Is it possible to install it on a rustic land?
To install a WES house on rustic land, we advise you to consult the town hall of the municipality where the property is located and check what permits are necessary and what regulations apply to it.
2Requirements for the realization of a house with a Project.
1. The land must meet urban regulations.
2. Work project, visa (Architect and Technical Architect)
3. Building license from the City Council.
4. End of work and electricity and water bulletins. First occupation license is requested
3Do I need a certificate of occupancy?
It can only be obtained if it is installed as real estate.

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